Friday, October 26, 2012

MAC Fabulousness Lip Bag: Lavish Coral

MAC released two lip bags for this Holiday season. One was in bright pink shades; the other in peachy-nude shades. As I am trying to only purchase things I know I'll use frequently, I went with the peach shades.

This set is called Lavish Coral, which is a bit misleading. These aren't coral so much as soft peachy nudes. This set comes with a super cute pale pink bag, a full size lipstick, a full size cremesheen gloss, and a mini lip pencil.

Shy Girl is a soft peach Cremesheen lipstick. It did tug a bit on application, but didn't dry my lips and was comfortable to wear.

Kiss Me Softly is a cremesheen gloss with soft shimmer. This is another gorgeous peach.

Boldly Bare is the mini lip pencil. This shade is a bit darker than the other two. It's still peach, but with a touch of redness to it.

This set is $39.50. I think it's a great everyday lip set and the added bag is awesome!

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