Monday, December 31, 2012

MAC Lipstick Swatches: Lustre

This is the last post for this series! I will be moving on too my MAC eyeshadows next. Again, swatches are on NW15 skin.

Lustre finish lipsticks are some of my favorites. They are usually semi opaque and glossy; some give more color than others. I find them comfortable to wear and not drying. They do need to be reapplied more frequently, but it's'll have to do that eventually!

This post is long, sorry!

First are the limited edition shades I have; Cusp of Dawn, Pink Popcorn, and Cut a Caper.

Cusp of Dawn is a slightly peach nude. It's more wearable than a lot of nudes due to its sheer application and shine.

Pink Popcorn is a pink with purple duochrome. This is an interesting color and still surprisingly wearable.

Cut a Caper is a gorgeous bright pinky coral.

The next three are; Plink!, Viva Glam V, Viva Glam VI.

Plink! is a baby pink and applies very sheer. This ends up being mostly shine.

Viva Glam V is a great 'my lips but better' pink mauve and seems to be pretty universally wearable.

Viva Glam VI is slightly more red/berry than V is. They look very similar swatched.

Next up are; Lady Bug, Lovelorn, and Hug Me.

Lady Bug is a gorgeous red and since its slightly sheer and glossy its a great starter red.

Lovelorn is a pretty, slightly cool pink.

Hug Me is another wearable nude. It has enough pink to avoid washing me out.

Last we have my favorite three...and to be honest, they are all nearly the same color. These are Sophisto, Capricious, and Plumful.

Sophisto is a burgundy that almost looks frosty in the tube, but isn't at all once applied. It's the most sheer of these thee.

Capricious is a plummy burgundy. It's sort of a cross between the other two in this set.

Plumful is a pinky plum and is fairly opaque.

All pics are in the same order, swatches go l-r.

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