Wednesday, January 2, 2013

MAC Eyeshadow: Matte

Continuing on my MAC swatching mission; here are the eyeshadows I own with a matte formula. All swatches are on NW15 skin.

Matte formulas can be hit or miss. They can be buttery and blendable or stuff and difficult to work with. I've had decent luck with MAC's matte shadows, but I do a lot of 'research' before I buy.

First up is Sand &Sun. This is a limited edition from Summer 2010. It's a pinky peach with a semi stiff texture.

Next is Embark. This is a deep brown with good color payoff and is nice to work with.

Then we have Corduroy. This is lighter than Embark with more of a red undertone. Again, this one is nice to work with. I swatched Embark next to Corduroy (l-r) to show the difference in color.

Next is Wedge. This is my newest matte and I really like it. It's a light brown and is nice as a subtle crease color.

Finally is Plumage. This is a deep, dark teal. It has excellent payoff and is nice to work with. I did two swatches here, one heavy and the other sheered out.

Swatches below are in the same order as above.

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