Thursday, July 5, 2012

MAC Haul: Heavenly Creatures

I just have a haul post for you! MAC released the Heavenly Creatures Mineralize collection on counters today and it's a beautiful one! I know it was released online a week or so ago, but I always want to see products in person before I purchase them. On to the haul!

I picked up 2 of the 5 (?) lipsticks. I grabbed Cut A Caper and Pleasureseeker. Now, all of the lipsticks released are either Lustre or Glaze finishes. These are can be built up, but aren't totally opaque in one pass. Cut A Caper is a repromote from the Tartan Tale Holiday 2010 collection. It's a gorgeous pinky coral and will sell out quickly! Pleasureseeker is the lone glaze finish and it's a lovely peachy coral. Swatches in photos are l-r: Cut A Caper and Pleasureseeker.

The collection also has 5 Cremesheen Glasses. I only got one; an almost raisin tinged nude called Strictly Plutonic. It will be great for fall!

I also got my first Mineralize Skinfinish I Star Wonder. This has shades of plum, pink and gold swirled together...beautiful!

Out of the 9 (?) Mineralize eyeshadows, I picked up 2. The purple, brown, olive-gold swirled Universal Appeal will be lovely going into fall. I also got Magnetic Attraction. This one is a reddish, yellow, gold swirled beauty.

I can't wait to give these a try and get reviews up! This is a great collection with a lot of gorgeous products!

Photos below are: Star Wonder Mineralize Skinfinish, Cut A Caper and Pleasureseeker lipsticks, Universal Appeal eyeshadow, Strictly Plutonic Cremesheen, Magnetic Attraction eyeshadow.

All purchased by me.

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